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Why CapCut is So Much Better Than Final Cut Pro X

Why CapCut is So Much Better Than Final Cut Pro X

As a YouTube filmmaker and digital creator I have been editing my travel films and clients' work using Final Cut Pro X for over seven years now. After switching from Adobe Premiere Pro, I experienced a massive performance boost—no more crashes, a more intuitive and faster workflow and just overall the workflow felt more "stable". In 2022, I even got myself a new maxed-out Mac Studio that cost me $7,000. But here's the bummer: FCPX somehow didn't feel much "smoother" or faster.

😤 It feels so laggy...

No matter if I edited 1080p, 4K or 8K footage: FCPX still felt laggy. Not because it could not handle the large resolution files but because of the software itself. Sure, a maxed out Mac Studio could handle it all, including color grading on several adjustment layers and effects but the overall experience wasn't satisfying. There's still that "millisecond" response time on every click that drove me nuts as the impatient creator that I am. Then I tried out CapCut's desktop version for the first time, and my workflow completely changed. You think I'm kidding you? Read on.


🎥 CapCut's Responsive Editing Experience

I initially downloaded CapCut for its auto-captioning feature to test out an instagram ad idea but ended up sticking with it because it felt so much more responsive while editing. What I don't understand is how a third-party app like CapCut, developed by TikTok runs so much smoother than FCPX, a native Apple app!? Apple, seriously? You can argue that FCPX / Davinci / Premiere Pro all have way more capabilities and features that you might need for extremely complex edits, key frame animations and the ability to use third-party-plugins. But wait...

The features I really need...

CapCut's features may be limited, but to be honest, they're all I need. Auto-captioning entire videos in seconds (yes, even in German) and adding in-and-out animations for objects/text used to take so much time in Final Cut Pro X, even with third-party plugins from MotionVFX or others. In 2023 it's all about short form content. I realized that the only features I need in a video editing app are the following:

  • Super fast UI / editing workflow
  • Using LUTs and basic color correction + grading 
  • Auto-captions in English & German
  • Simple but clean and professional looking transitions / animations
  • Control over my framerate, resolution and aspect ratio

Guess what:
Capcut does all of this better than Final Cut Pro X or Premiere ever did.

Why I Stopped Using FCPX

After editing numerous ad sets and short-form content, I realized I don't even open up FCPX anymore. CapCut just works. It's faster in every way and still has everything I need to edit my videos (like adding LUTs and color correction), even if it's not specifically made for professional video editing.

🎬 CapCut's Additional Advantages

This article isn't sponsored by CapCut or TikTok; it's just my honest opinion, and I'm stunned by how well TikTok developed this app. Another pro is that you can use it on mobile devices, which isn't possible with FCPX. You can even sync your projects across devices (From Desktop to Mobile and back). It took me less than 2 hours to fully understand all the tools inside CapCut - It's basically the same workspace structure like you know from Final Cut Pro X.

A Call to Professional Video Editors

Even if you are working as a professional editor and you might think "Go away with these amateur programs..." I want to inspire you to try it out. When working with short-form content for reels, TikToks, or YouTube shorts or even when it's about editing complete Youtube Videos CapCut wins in every way.

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💡 Final Thoughts

So, if you haven't already, give CapCut a download and start exploring its desktop version. You might just find that CapCut for filmmakers is the game-changer you've been waiting for. Again: This article is NOT SPONSORED by TikTok or CapCut, it's just my honest opinion that I wanted to share. 

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