How to achieve that crisp, sharp 8K Look on Your Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels better quality tutorial

How to Achieve the Crisp, Sharp 8K Look on Your Instagram Reels

In the world of digital creation, the quest for the ultimate visual quality in video content is unending. While many videographers and digital creators suggest that the secret lies in tweaking export settings, the truth is way easier than you think. You probably have seen some of that sportscar detail videos that just look so much better than other Reels on Instagram and almost unreal when it comes to the perceived resolution / sharpness?!

Here are some examples of what I'm talking about!
You can watch the Reels here, here & here!


How to get your videos to look like this with CapCut?

CapCut, available for both mobile and desktop users, is transforming the way creators enhance their videos. With just a few taps or clicks, your content can leap from "good" to "is this even real?" levels of clarity. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download and Open CapCut

First things first, download CapCut to your device (I recommend the desktop version but it works on your phone as well). Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to creators of all skill levels. Remember that you need the CapCut Pro Version to use the "enhance image" feature!

Step 2: Import Your Clips

Select the clips you wish to transform. Whether they're B-rolls or your main footage, CapCut treats every pixel with care.

Step 3: Enhance Image Quality

Look for the "Enhance Image" feature. Once found, simply check the box. You'll be presented with two options: HD and UHD. HD is enough for most of my footage that is shot on a Canon R5 in log. Only choose UHD for that ultra-crisp effect if your footage is very unsharp/washed out (maybe you turned down the sharpness of your mirrorless camera all the way)

CapCut image enhance UHD quality

Step 4: Let AI Do Its Magic

Upon selection, CapCut’s AI begins to upscale your video. This process sharpens and defines each detail!

Step 5: Export and Share

Export your newly enhanced video. While it might look overly sharp on desktop, this level of detail makes it perfect for platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok, where sharpness can set you apart from the crowd.


Why This Method Works

Social media platforms often compress video content, which can degrade quality. By starting with an exceptionally high-definition video, you ensure that even after compression, your content remains superior in quality to that of standard uploads. This method doesn’t just enhance resolution; it redefines viewer engagement, setting a new standard for what mobile videography can achieve.


If you're a professional filmmaker / videographer read on... 

Is there another option to do this?

Yes, it's called Topaz Video AI - and it's not the cheapest software out there but it can do so much more than sharpening. It's a complete suite for getting the most out of your footage with the help of AI algorithms.


Features of Topaz Video AI:

Unmatched Detail Enhancement:

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Topaz Video AI enhances the detail in your footage, making every scene and subject clearer and more engaging.

Creating Slow-Motion out of thin air:

Even when you shot your footage in 24fps it can generate super smooth frame interpolation with the help of AI to slow down your clips up to 8x!

Effortless Upscaling:

Whether you're working with older footage or simply want to improve the resolution of your current projects, Topaz Video AI can upscale your videos up to 8K with remarkable clarity.

Motion Consistency:

A common issue with video enhancement is the introduction of artifacts or inconsistencies in motion. Topaz Video AI meticulously analyzes each frame to ensure smooth, natural motion throughout your video.

Noise Reduction:

Low-light conditions or older footage can result in videos that are grainy or noisy. Topaz Video AI's noise reduction feature cleans up your footage, preserving detail without the noise.

Batch Processing:

Time is a valuable asset for digital creators. With Topaz Video AI, you can enhance and upscale multiple videos at once, saving you countless hours of editing time.

Get Topaz AI here

Topaz AI Video

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